Insta-Review: Thefaceshop Air Cotton Make Up Base SPF30 PA+++ (01 Mint)

😎If you suffer from redness due to blemishes (me!), sensitive skin (me again!), eczema or rosacea, chances of you using a color-correcting base/primer is very high. This is because the color green provides a well needed counter balance to the unusual redness that’s presented on the face. Since I have BOTH causes of redness, I’m using

1| Thefaceshop Air Cotton Makeup Base SPF30 PA++ in 01 Mint. This creamy green base has got the usual chemical sunscreen, as well as extracts of sebum/balancing Cotton, soothing Chamomile, whitening Niacinamide, pore control Volcanic Ash, cell reparative Quinoa Seed and hydrating Adenosine. 

Beneath my BB cream, it clocks in at a decent 4-6hrs of wearability. Not bad!

(the small , clean and sleek packaging of the wonderful Air Cotton Makeup Base in 01 Mint)
(Just a small dot of this pastel-ish mint color for redness correction)
(with its creamy texture, the green makeup base spreads so easily)
(the pastel-ish green makeup base offers just a light touch of correction )
This basic, creamy pastel-ish green makeup base is easy to use, spreads effortlessly without any tugging. However, for someone with very obvious skin redness – like mine with plenty of angry, active acnes – this makeup base in 01 Mint may need to up its greeness, all without risking me looking like the Incredible Hulk (chuckles*)

All in all, I quite enjoy using this 40ml very basic makeup base. It is priced at SGD$5.90 and is available at all TheFaceShop Singapore outlets islandwide.

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