Review: A’Pieu Air-Fit Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (Doraemon edition)

A’Pieu is one of my favorite Korean beauty brands for the same reason that I like Missha too. Both brands are under the same umbrella and products are equally just as awesome as they are on trend. Furthermore, both brands are constantly innovating and having capsule collections featuring characters that you and I are familiar with.

Before this Doraemon edition, A’Pieu also had one of Garfield the cat! Unfortunately, my fingers weren’t fast enough and I didn’t snag the Garfield one. But I managed to get hold of this Doraemon edition and I am here to give you my review of it! 🙂

Read on to find out what i think about it!

But first, the bit from the brand:

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion SPF50 PA+++ Doraemon Edition (Info)
Credit: A’Pieu Korea website

And some info in English, courtesy of the folks at ibuybeauti

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion SPF50 PA+++ Doraemon Edition (Info - Eng)
Credit: ibuybeauti website

According to the brand, A’Pieu Air-Fit Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ is/has:

  • Wrinkle repair, whitening and UV protection
  • Lightweight texture and moisturized skin with 32% Mineral Water
  • Rolling Gel System and Sliding Powder offers a more even application without clumpiness
  • Combination of Air-Light Powder and Airy Cover Powder offers buildable coverage that still feels soft and silky on the skin
  • Contains Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and patented ingredient Avocado peptide that provides moisture, soothing and anti-ageing benefits to the skin

Below is my experience with the cushion:

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (01)
(Did you see the contents? Definitely worth every penny spent!)
A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (02)
(Riddle me this: What do you call a cat with no ears?)

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (03)

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (04)

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (05)

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (06)

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (07)
(Doraemon cushion casing w/ BB cushion, BB cushion (refill) and Cushion puff applicator

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (08)

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (09)

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (10)
(Here’s a writing in eyeliner pencil and powdered eye shadow)
A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (11)
(The coverage of this Air-Fit cushion is amazing! But yes, shade no.21 looks a little yellow when swatched on my hand)

Here is a swatch of both W.Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion and the A’Pieu Air-Fit Cushion for comparison:

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (Swatch)
(I don’t know why, but A’Pieu’s shade no.21 look a tad darker here)

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion SPF50 PA+++ Doraemon Edition (Ratings)

(And my little rating scale for this A’Pieu Air-Fit Cushion X Doraemon)

A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion (12)
(Ta-dah! That’s how the cushion wears on me. I like it. ALOT!)

Roaring view for [A’Pieu Air-Fit Cushion SPF50+ PA+++]:

Product’s packaging : Round compact container with a blue cover
Product’s texture : Smooth, lightweight BB liquid
Product’s scent : A hint of Aloe vera and sponge
Price point : SGD$17 (including shipping fee)
 You can visit the product’s page here: A’Pieu Air-Fit Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (Doraemon edition)
Try-out period : Daily, for 2 weeks
Personal take : It’s Doraemon – must get, must get!

Well, besides the utterly adorable and iconic design, I am honestly surprised by the quality of the cushion. But again, I am not that surprised because like I mentioned earlier, it is afterall developed by Able C&C, the big boy behind brands like Missha, Mika and SwissPure.

Now, Air-Fit Cushion belongs to the basic tier of A’Pieu and this Doraemon edition is basically just a change in the casing of the cushion. Having said that, I feel that this cushion does everything I needed and more. When I say “needed”, this cushion essentially helps conceal the little blemish marks and redness on my face, and it wears for a very long time! I’ve checked, on a good day when I am mostly staying indoor, the cushion could wear on for about 10hrs! Although I needed to blot with a tissue from time to time, the coverage/BB liquid still remained albeit having tiny cracking around my nose area towards the 7/8th hour mark. For the “more” part, this cushion gave me a slight dewiness and glow without being too much (i.e. W.Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion).

As a matter of fact, I liked this cushion (as with the Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture) so much that I consider it as my go-to cushion which I can use on a daily basis when I am not test driving other brand’s cushion and/or base makeup.

PS. My skin is Normal-Combination type with the usual shine on my T-zone. I am using shade no.21 for both A’Pieu and Missha.

Will i recommend it? : Yes, it is now my go-to daily cushion when I am not test driving other base products!

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (5x A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion - Doraemon edition)



6 thoughts on “Review: A’Pieu Air-Fit Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (Doraemon edition)

  1. Does this cause you any breakouts? I wanted to buy the cushion but I’m afraid that I’ll be having breakouts since (I think) I’m still kinda young. Thank you for reviewing the product most of all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, this one wouldn’t cause any breakouts. At least not for me. However, at the end of the day, a thorough thorough thorough makeup removal is required to ensure color makeup doesn’t clog your pores. ☺️


  2. Thank you so much for this review!! I’ve heard so many conflicting things about this, maybe because it works differently on different skin types, but you gave me a lot more details to work with! Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hi! Sorry I didn’t responded in time. Sorry sorry! Anyway, how’d you find the cushion? Did you eventually went ahead and got yourself one? I would love to hear your thoughts on it too 🙂


  3. Hi! My skin tone is kind like NC20 MAC. And now I use Etude cotton fit N02. It’s not too white for me, but it’s too pinkish because basically I have yellowish skin tone. And it’s look different between face and my hand. Do you think a’pieu shade 21 will be suitable for me? Thank you 🙂


    1. Hello Theresia! 🙂

      In my opinion, the shade from A’pieu is a little warmer/yellow-based and thus, would be quite suitable if you’re a M.A.C NC20. I am a NC15-20 myself and No.21 is quite decently although No.13 is a better match for me.


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