Unboxing: Avalon™ Beauty Stem Cell Beauty Drink + Plan (Sponsored Product)

Today is the first day of February, the very first day of a new month, the perfect time and day for me to test out the efficacy of Singapore’s very own beauty supplement drink – Avalon™ Beauty Stem Cell Beauty Drink.

February is a month with 2 important occasions, namely Valentine’s Day and Chinese Lunar New Year. With the indicated claim of being able to “see result in 7 days”, I believed if there is a time to test it, this is it.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be looking their best (however, whatever help they can get) right?

Super excited; please read on to find out all about the drink and how it will improve my complexion!

First, let’s talk about the company behind the beauty drink.

Avalon™ Beauty Stem Cell Beauty Drink is formulated, developed, and distributed by Hi-Beau International Pte Ltd. The company was founded in 2004 and have been in the core business of beauty, health and lifestyle products. Today, Hi-Beau’s extensive range of beauty and health products can be found in  China, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Europe, Australia, USA & Africa.

The kind folks at Hi-Beau roped me in to test out the beautifying effects of the stem cell beauty drink and I am all ready to show you guys the unboxing video that I did. Please enjoy!


And now, a little more info about the Avalon™ Beauty Stem Cell Beauty Drink!


Avalon Beauty Stem Cell Beauty Drink.jpg
Credit: Hi-Beau


Credit: Hi-Beau


Credit: Hi-Beau


Credit: Hi-Beau






Credit: Hi-Beau


Okay! So now that you guys know what I am going to be taking, let’s briefly talk about the first impression.

Alright, so the first thing I would like to touch on is how securely each box of beauty drink was packed, protected and delivered. The firm foam cushion provided the protection against accidental knocks and bangs. That is really something to praise about. Of course, if you were to purchase yours from a physical store, these foam cushions would not be provided.

The second thing I would like to talk about is its ingredient. One glance and you can know that you are consuming the good stuff. Okay, maybe not Sucralose as that is an artificial sweetener, but other than that, the rest is pretty solid stuff. Like the first and second ingredient on the list, namely the Young Orchid Stem Cell, and French Marine Collagen.

Extracted from an editorial article published by Women’s Weekly Singapore back in 2016, they said:

“Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink is a true testament to the philosophy that “you are what you eat”. Brimming with powerful antioxidants extracted from young orchid stem cells, alongside firming Litchi Seed Extract, plumping Premium French Marine Collagen and vitamins from a combination of Fruit Extracts, Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink delivers potent skin benefits that will dramatically improve the skin’s tone and texture in just one week.

Skin cells need to be healthy, happy and nourished to counteract the degenerative effects of time. Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink aids in reviving the skin cells so they can benefit fully from oral supplementation. It will also repair and rejuvenate damaged skin cells so that your skin is able to absorb nutrients that will help it to fend off the tell-tale signs of wear and tear. While, collagen gives the skin its strength, elasticity, and structure, taking it on its own isn’t sufficient to guard us against the ageing process.” (Article)

Antioxidants? Sign me up! Brightening effect? Sign me up too! I cannot wait to have my first bottle tonight before bed as part of the “new user recommendation”, I have drafted up a calendar that will help me to keep track of the consumption of these beauty drinks.

Have a peek below.


My Avalon Plan.jpg
(a previous edition wrongly included an extra 3 bottles)


To reiterate, these 5 promised effects are:

  1. Rejuvenates damaged skin cells
  2. Brightens skin
  3. Locks in moisture
  4. Reduces wrinkles & fine lines
  5. Restores skin firmness & elasticity

Sounds promising right? I am definitely intrigued! I am known to consume vitamins and other beauty supplements so I am very excited to see the result I will have by the 7th day, and completion of the 30 bottles so kindly sent over by Hi-Beau.

I will be posting about the results and reviews of this beauty drink in a separate blog post where more pictures will be shared. Look out for that when it gets posted! Lucky for me, I will complete the 7 days, 7 bottles before the Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year so I think we are off to a good start. Yay!

If you are intrigued with this Young Orchid Stem Cell beauty drink, or to look at its other product offerings, do head on over to Hi-Beau and have a look!

Until then, take care everyone, and thank you for reading!





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