Review: AVALON® STEM CELL BEAUTY DRINK 7 Days Challenge & 3 Boxes Result (Sponsored Product)

UPDATE: At the time of posting, Avalon® has launched their independent website. There are some interesting visuals and testimonials posted on there and I think you should go have a look! You can visit it by clicking here, or using

You’ve seen me teasing the product on my Instagram.

You’ve watched my Insta-Stories about the deals and promotions the product is having.

You’ve also read the kind of benefits you can “potentially” obtain from the product.

Now, I am all set and ready to show and tell my experience and result from consuming this product, this drink called Stem Cell Beauty Drink from Singapore brand, Avalon®.

Read on to find out all about it!

To re-cap, Avalon® reached out to me back in end-January, enquiring if I would like to experience the beautifying effects of their Stem Cell Beauty Drink, I jumped on the invite because, well, I am definitely interested and am no stranger when it comes to beauty supplements.

A couple of emails later, a very neatly and securely packed parcel was dropped off at my door and after videoing the unboxing of it, I set out to try and experience the Young Orchid Stem Cell beauty effects for myself.

If you recalled, I mentioned in the unboxing post that the brand actually recommends new consumer to kick-off the regime with a 7-day program before drinking it on alternate nights thereafter. I did map out the days for the 7-day program and then ration out the remaining bottles on alternate nights accordingly.

Since this is an after-use review post, I shall not include the unboxing video. Instead, I will focus on the marketed claims and my personal experience with it. I will include some marketing materials from the brand to show you guys what it hopes to achieve, though.

So now, the marketing materials!

Credit: Hi-Beau


Credit: Hi-Beau

The show and tell part:


(Each box contains 10 bottles of the beauty drink)


(The color of the lightly carbonated beauty drink is a little dark amber-ish)

My 7-Day Progress

(Taken the night before my first bottle)
(Taken on the night after the 7th bottle)

My Take On The 7-Day Challenge

Okay, technically not a challenge per se, but since the brand put out a claim saying that result can be seen in 7 days, I take it upon myself to challenge the claim to see if it holds water.

As indicated and recommended by the brand, new users (like myself) should take 1 bottle a day for consecutive 7 days. It is also stated that in 7 days, you can feel the skin being more supple and hydrated.

To the claims, after personally consuming it nightly for 7 days, I do feel my skin being more supple and smooth. This is something that you can feel while you are washing your face and/or applying your treatment essence (or any products that require some patting-in). There was also no tightness on the cheeks which I normally experience. I made no changes to my skincare products nor routine before, during, or after starting the 7-Day challenge, yet being able to feel a change in my skin’s texture and condition. It is quite amazing, actually, to think about it.

Roaring review for [Avalon® Stem Cell Beauty Drink]

Product’s packaging : Dark brown glass bottle with a metallic pink cap and tamper-evident band
Product’s texture : Liquid
Product’s scent : Pretty sweet and floral-ish
Price point : Product was kindly sponsored by the kind folks at Hi-Beau International; however, the Avalon® Stem Cell Beauty Drink retails for $59.90/box of 10 bottles
To find out more about this product, or to purchase it, visit their e-store here, or many of their retail points including Watsons and more.
Try-out period : 2 months; first 7 nights consecutively and then 1 bottle every other night thereafter.
Personal take : As a summary whole of my 30 bottles intake, I do enjoy the convenience of having a beauty drink every night before bed. I mention convenience because there are no tearing open of packets/pouches, nor mixing with water like what its powdered counterparts require. It is as easy as twist-opening the cap and drinking it straight.

In the beginning, I did feel that the taste of it was pretty sweet, and the effervescence of it needed some getting used to. Don’t get me wrong, it is not as sparkling as your typical San Pellegrino or Perrier. The carbonation in this Stem Cell Beauty Drink has just the right amount of frizz without you going burping or hiccuping, yet giving it a nice touch that makes it all the more unique in today’s market.

Now, moving on to its marketed claims of  “rejuvenates damaged skin cells, reduces wrinkles & fine lines, restore skin firmness & elasticity, brightens skin, locks in moisture”, it is definitely hard for to say if it did rejuvenate my damaged skin cells or not because I have no means of assessing it. The other benefits, however, are easier to ascertain through observation and…touching/feeling it? My skin does not feel dry especially in the cheeks. There was one occasion I remembered very clearly when I was home really late at night and I just take off my makeup with a wet wipe but yet still waking up to a normal complexion (read: no dryness in the cheek area) despite absolutely zero skincare products applied after the wet wipe and sleeping in an air-conditioned room. Although this could be attributed to my regimented skincare routine nightly before, I like to think that this is in part due to the consumption of this beauty drink.

I have also noticed that my complexion is brighter, rosier and more radiant. The skin texture is also remarkably smoother and supple (look at my cheeks!). I truly believe that these benefits stem from the vitamins and minerals rich ingredients of Acerola Cherry, Litchi fruit, and Olive. These ingredients together with the Young Orchid Stem Cells, French Marine Collagen, and Sparkling water, lead me to appreciate the beneficial effects this beauty drink have brought me.

Ultimately, beauty drinks will never replace a good, proper skincare regime and diet, but it will definitely serve to complement it.

Will I recommend it? : I do! I do recommend it but at $59.90 a box for 10 bottles, I will be considering this a splurge.

Note: As this is a beauty supplement drink, you ought to consult your doctor if you are taking any medications, or have any concerns.

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (5x Avalon Beauty Stem Cell Beauty Drink).jpg

Bonus (small).jpg

Below are two recent pictures – okay, #selfies, I have taken in the past weeks to show the current state of my skin.


Okay, I realized after posting these that I have on the exact same faux leather jacket with just different caps. I do shower daily okay! I just love this jacket and, well, I wear caps pretty often so… yeah.

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