Beutiq.Co x Ryanraroar – Sexy Formula (swatches & textures) Part 2/3

Following Part 1/3 of the Beutiq.Co x Ryanraroar collaboration and many more hours spent editing the images, I am ready to show you guys Part 2/3.

(Please do accept my apologies for the long-ish wait. I had to deal with some personal stuff and that took quite a bit out of me. But I am so glad to be able to finally complete this Sexy Formula post along with the edits and stuff and have it go live today! Yay! Without further ado, let’s go!)

Introducing the second of three brands: Sexy Formula

To refresh your memory, here is the unboxing video clip for the brand:


Just like Clematis, if not for Beutiq.Co, I really wouldn’t have known about Sexy Formula nor have the opportunity now to explore the brand.

Sexy Formula brand info.jpg
(Screengrab from Sexy Formula official website) Credit: Sexy Formula
Sexy Formula brand info (Beutiq.Co).jpg
(Screengrab from Beutiq.Co website) Credit: Beutiq.Co

In the parcel that was sent over, there were altogether 9 items, all makeup products for the eyebrow, the lips, and face.

Below, you will find more information on each of the product and more pictures of it.

1st item: Sexy Formula Lucy Juicy Lipstick (#03 Rose Melon)

Lucy Juicy Lipstick (Info 01).jpg
Credit: Sexy Formula

Lucy Juicy Lipstick 01Lucy Juicy Lipstick 02Lucy Juicy Lipstick 03Lucy Juicy Lipstick 04Lucy Juicy Lipstick 05Lucy Juicy Lipstick 06

Ryanraroar’s take on [Sexy Formula Lucy Juicy Lipstick]
Buttery smooth formula makes applying a breeze. The formula does stain the lips a little so make sure you prep the lips before applying or it’d accentuate the dry lines when the shine is gone.

2nd item: Sexy Formula Change Brow Color (#03 Choco Brown)

Change Brow Color (Info 01)
Credit: Sexy Formula
Change Brow Color (Info 02)
Credit: Sexy Formula
Change Brow Color (Info 03)
Credit: Sexy Formula

Change Brow Color 01Change Brow Color 02Change Brow Color 03Change Brow Color 03.5Change Brow Color 04Change Brow Color 05Change Brow Color 06Change Brow Color 07Change Brow Color 08Change Brow Color 09

Ryanraroar’s take on [Sexy Formula Change Brow Color]
Ah, the very familiar “eyebrow mascara” that makes coloring your eyebrows a lot easier and quicker, creating the illusion of a more voluminous eyebrow. The chubbier brush applicator picks up an even amount of product each time and coats every strand of hair just as evenly as well.

Eyebrow mascara with such a chubbier applicator is not that common so there may be a slight getting used, but it is no biggie.

3rd & 4th item: Sexy Formula Hello Sexy (#01 Gorgeous Blush & #04 So Burgundy)

Hello Sexy Super Rich Liquid Lipstick (Info 01)
Credit: Sexy Formula

Hello Sexy 00Hello Sexy 01Hello Sexy 02Hello Sexy 03Hello Sexy 04Hello Sexy 07Hello Sexy 08Hello Sexy 05Hello Sexy 06Hello Sexy 09

Ryanraroar’s take on [Sexy Formula Hello Sexy]
Boy oh boy, they weren’t kidding when they say it is a “super rich liquid lipstick” because one swipe is really all you need to color the lips. On the lip, it feels very, very moisturizing and super comfortable. Just don’t forget to moisturize your lips before applying as it will accentuate lip lines on dry lips. That includes nighly lip treatment and regular exfoliation.

5th item: Sexy Formula Sketch Your Brow (#03 Choco Brown)

Sketch Your Brow (Info 01)
Credit: Sexy Formula
Sketch Your Brow (Info 02)
Credit: Sexy Formula
Sketch Your Brow (Info 03)
Credit: Sexy Formula

Sketch Your Brow 01Sketch Your Brow 01.5Sketch Your Brow 02Sketch Your Brow 03Sketch Your Brow 04Sketch Your Brow 05Sketch Your Brow 06Sketch Your Brow 07Sketch Your Brow 08Sketch Your Brow 08.5Sketch Your Brow 09Sketch Your Brow 10Sketch Your Brow 12

Ryanraroar’s take on [Sexy Formula Sketch Your Brow]
Now, this product is one that I really like. The soft brush allows you to fill in the sparse eyebrows quickly. Unlike brow pencil that can sometimes feel a little harsh when “drawing” on the skin, this brow gel + brush combo applies like a dream in contrast. I also appreciate that they included a spoolie brush of an appropriate handle length to help even out your eyebrows after filling it in with the brow gel.

However, the verdict is still out on just how fast the brow gel will harden with daily usage. This is a common issue these open-faced, “gel” type of products faced.

6th item: Sexy Formula Get Lashed (#01 Black)

Get Lashed Volume Curl Mascara (Info 01).jpg
Credit: Sexy Formula

Get Lashed 01Get Lashed 02Get Lashed 03Get Lashed 04Get Lashed 05Get Lashed 06Get Lashed 07Get Lashed 08

Ryanraroar’s take on [Sexy Formula Get Lashed]
I have personally tested this mascara on my lashes and yes, they indeed give me a more voluminous look. For the lashes to really curl up, you do still need to curl your lashes first before applying the mascara. This mascara says that it is buildable and yes, it does build, but like most mascaras out there, layering it tends to get clumpy and coated lashes getting stuck together.

What I do like about this mascara, however, is how quick drying it is on the lashes once applied, and how easy it is to remove simply using warm water (on a cotton pad).

7th, 8th & 9th item: Sexy Formula Spot Light (Cheek #01 Baby Pink, Highlighter, Bronzer)

Spot Light (Info 01)
Credit: Sexy Formula
Spot Light (Info 02)
Credit: Sexy Formula
Spot Light (Info 03)
Credit: Sexy Formula
Spot Light (Info 04)
Credit: Sexy Formula
Spot Light (Info 05)
Credit: Sexy Formula

Spot Light 01Spot Light 03Spot Light 04Spot Light 05Spot Light 06Spot Light 07Spot Light 09Spot Light 10Spot Light 08Spot Light 11Spot Light 02Spot Light 12Spot Light 13

Ryanraroar’s take on [Sexy Formula Spot Light]
These little creamy sticks are highly portable and can fit easily in your makeup pouch for application or touch up on the go. It uses a swivel type packaging which allows control over how much product protrudes out for use. With a creamy texture, it blends out easily on the skin whether you are using a sponge, your fingers, or makeup brush.

Cheek #01 Baby Pink: This is a very soft baby pink hue and will look flattering on fairer complexion. With any luck, let’s hope the brand releases more colors so there will be complementary cheek colors for everyone.

Highlighter: A champagne-beige hue highlighter that I believe will look good on any skin tones.

Bronzer: A non-matte bronzer with subtle shimmers. Although the brand says that you can also use this to contour your face, I feel that the shimmers may work against you especially when the light hits on the skin. This is just my easily-shiny-skin opinion though.

Brand : Sexy Formula
Price point : RM89.00 to RM129.00 (entire brand)
The products shown above were kindly sponsored by the kind folks at Beutiq.Co. To find out more about the products, visit their e-store here, or any of the major Watsons stores in Malaysia.The closest one to Singapore is in Johor Bahru City Square

Well, that is it for the Beutiq.Co x Ryanraroar – Sexy Formula (Swatches & Textures), I hope you guys enjoyed the post! I will be posting the one last brand – Karadium, as soon as it is ready so please do keep an eye out for it.

Congrats to Sexy Formula c/o Beutiq.Co on your successful launch into Watsons Malaysia! This is a huge deal and I am so excited for you guys! Thank you for making K-beauty more accessible to everyone!

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