Beutiq.Co x Ryanraroar – Clematis (swatches & textures) Part 1/3

Remember the major unboxing video I posted a couple of days ago? The one with 3 boxes of K-beauty makeup goodies?

Well, I have finally had time to take photos of the products, relevant swatches, and together with the product info and benefits from the brand website, I am ready to show it to you guys in today’s blog post.

Introducing the first of three brands: Clematis

To refresh your memory, here is the unboxing video clip for the brand:

Clematis is a relatively niche K-beauty brand, and if not for Beutiq.Co, I would not have had the chance to explore the brand.


Clematis brand info
(Screengrab from Clematis Official website) Credit: Clematis
Clematis brand info (Beutiq.Co)
(Screengrab from Beutiq.Co website) Credit: Beutiq.Co

In the parcel that Beutiq.Co sent over, there were altogether 8 items, ranging from lip makeup, eye makeup, cleanser, hand cream, to makeup applicator.

Below, you will find more information on each of the products and more pictures of it.

1st item: Clematis Super Deep Pen Eyeliner

Super Deep Pen Eyeliner (Black) - 01

Super Deep Pen Eyeliner (Black) - 02
Credit: Clematis

Super Deep Pen Eyeliner 01Super Deep Pen Eyeliner 02Super Deep Pen Eyeliner 03Super Deep Pen Eyeliner 04Super Deep Pen Eyeliner 05Super Deep Pen Eyeliner 06

Ryanraroar’s take on [Clematis Super Deep Pen Eyeliner]
This felt-tip, liquid pen eyeliner is rather easy to use and control. With the fine tip, you can easily draw the liner without dragging or tugging of the skin. Its inky black color makes for a dramatic impact, however, I would strongly recommend you to let it sit for a couple of seconds to let it dry completely before opening your eyes/applying the next item. Removing this eyeliner is easily done with lukewarm water.

2nd item: Clematis Makeup Brush

No official product info can be found on this angled flat top makeup brush over on Clematis official website.

Foundation Brush 01Foundation Brush 02Foundation Brush 03

Ryanraroar’s take on [Clematis Fluffy Foundation Brush]
With an angled, flat-top, this foundation brush allows better control and application into areas of concern like around the nose or under the eyes. The dense brush head makes for a streakless experience.

3rd item: Clematis Potpourri Lipstick (M193C Pomegranate Red)

Potpourri Lipstick (M193C Pomegranate Red) - 01

Potpourri Lipstick (M193C Pomegranate Red) - 02
Credit: Clematis

Potpouri Lipstick 01Potpouri Lipstick 02Potpouri Lipstick 03Potpouri Lipstick 04

Ryanraroar’s take on [Clematis Potpourri Lipstick]
The texture of the lipstick is buttery smooth. The richness of its pigment also helps to conceal the fine lines on the lip to create the illusion of fuller, smoother lip. Although it is a matte formula/finishing, it does not feels dry during application nor wearing. The 20-color selection is a bonus, and the 2 metallic toppers (in Gold and White) are super helpful when transforming the wearer’s look.

4th item: Clematis Power Lash Up Mascara 

Power Lash Up Mascara (Black) - 01

Power Lash Up Mascara (Black) - 02
Credit: Clematis

Power Lash Up Mascara 01Power Lash Up Mascara 02Power Lash Up Mascara 03

Ryanraroar’s take on [Clematis Power Lash Up Mascara]

5th item: Clematis Professional Eyebrow Pencil (M411C Dark Brown)

Professional Eyebrow Pencil (M411C Dark Brown) - 01

Professional Eyebrow Pencil (M411C Dark Brown) - 02
Credit: Clematis

Professional Eyebrow Pencil 01Professional Eyebrow Pencil 02Professional Eyebrow Pencil 03Professional Eyebrow Pencil 04Professional Eyebrow Pencil 05Professional Eyebrow Pencil 06Professional Eyebrow Pencil 07Professional Eyebrow Pencil 08

Ryanraroar’s take on [Clematis Professional Eyebrow Pencil]
My personal favorite out of the bunch! The teardrop-shaped tip gives me so much precision when stroking in the brows, while the flat surface helps to fill in the brow easily. Also, it does not take much effort for the “color” to show.

6th item: Clematis Morning Dew Lipstick (G2342C Dry Rose)

Morning Dew Lipstick (G2342C Dry Rose) - 01

Morning Dew Lipstick (G2342C Dry Rose) - 02
Credit: Clematis

Morning Dew Lipstick 01Morning Dew Lipstick 02Morning Dew Lipstick 03

Morning Dew Lipstick 04
(Clicker-kind of dispensing mechanism. You ‘click’ the button located at the back to dispense out the lipstick. Each ‘click’ dispenses a tiny bit, so make sure you don’t click it too much/fast as there is no rewind option!)

Morning Dew Lipstick 05Morning Dew Lipstick 06


Ryanraroar’s take on [Clematis Morning Dew Lipstick]
The Morning Dew Lipstick is a glossy finish lipstick. It goes on really smoothly and the color looks very complimentary. Its slim product packaging makes this a perfect companion on the go for touch-ups. But a word of caution, do not ‘click’ on the button too much as it will over dispense the lipstick and then you’d have a problem because there is no rewind option. Once the button is pressed, it will dispense (push out) the lipstick by a wee bit.

7th item: Clematis Veloutée Perfumed Hand Cream

Veloutee Perfumed Hand Cream - 01

Veloutee Perfumed Hand Cream - 02
Credit: Clematis

Veloutee Perfumed Hand Cream 01Veloutee Perfumed Hand Cream 02Veloutee Perfumed Hand Cream 03Veloutee Perfumed Hand Cream 04Veloutee Perfumed Hand Cream 05Veloutee Perfumed Hand Cream 06Veloutee Perfumed Hand Cream 07Veloutee Perfumed Hand Cream 08

Ryanraroar’s take on [Clematis Veloutee Perfumed Hand Cream]
The texture of the hand cream is light and almost watery. Like its name stated, it is really fragrant – something sweet and floral. It is not a scent I would use myself – I prefer something citrusy, green, and light – but using it on my body before bedtime is what I have been doing.

8th item: Clematis Makeup Melting Cleansing Stick 

Makeup Melting Cleansing Stick - 01

Makeup Melting Cleansing Stick - 02
Credit: Clematis

Makeup Melting Cleansing Stick 01Makeup Melting Cleansing Stick 02Makeup Melting Cleansing Stick 03Makeup Melting Cleansing Stick 04

Makeup Melting Cleansing Stick 05
(I pH tested the cleansing stick with a simple test strip and it showed a result of pH4 to pH5)
Ryanraroar’s take on [Clematis Makeup Melting Cleansing Stick]
With a pH reading between 4 and 5, this is a wonderful stick cleanser for removing makeup, or even as a first cleanse in the morning. It smells really good thanks to the abundance of floral extracts in its formula. Furthermore, it claims to brighten the skin with its ‘Whitening 9 Complex‘, that is already a win in my book!


Brand : Clematis
Price point : RM38.00 to RM180 (entire brand)
The products shown above were kindly sponsored by the kind folks at Beutiq.Co. To find out more about the products, visit their e-store here, or any of the major Watsons stores in Malaysia.

The closest one to Singapore is in Johor Bahru City Square

Well, that is it for the Beutiq.Co x Ryanraroar – Clematis (Swatches & Textures), I hope you guys enjoyed the post! I will be posting the other 2 brands – Sexy Formula and Karadium, as soon as they are ready so please do keep an eye out for it.

Congrats to Clematis c/o Beutiq.Co on your successful launch into Watsons Malaysia! This is a huge deal and I am so excited for you guys! Thank you for making K-beauty more accessible to everyone!

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