Unboxing: Beutiq.Co x Ryanraroar (Sponsored Product)

It has been a few days since I posted the full unboxing video of the Beutiq.Co over on my Facebook page. Have you guys managed to have a look yet?

If you hadn’t, that is quite okay because today, I will be posting a more detailed unboxing post – video included, and a little more on the brands that are being featured in this unboxing.

This major PR drop is in lieu of Beutiq.Co‘s recent successful listing into one of my favorite drugstore/pharmacy store, Watsons. Now, now, before you get all excited and headed to your nearest Watsons store, I am referring to the ones in Malaysia. Yes, Watsons Malaysia! But fret not, if you often visit Johor Bahru, the Watsons there also carries the brands that I am highlighting. That, coupled with the favorable exchange rate, you guys know what to do. Heh!

The reason why I am so stoked for them is that we all know how competitive the beauty market is, regardless of where you are at. There are always new and emerging brands coming up and getting listed and stocked at a drugstore like Watsons is a dream to many. As of the time of writing, their website shows that they have a total of 449 Watsons stores in Malaysia. That is quite the number!

To recap, Beutiq.Co is an online e-tailer that imports many beauty brands, with a focus on Korean and Japanese ones. A check on their website shows that they carry more than 50 brands, with some of the more popular and familiar ones like 3W Clinic, A.H.C, Banila Co, Code Glokolor, Eglips, Jayjun, Leaders, Marie Claire, Mediheal and more.

So without further ado, let’s have a look (again) at the full unboxing video!

In the video, you will see a total of 3 beauty brands, namely Clematis, Sexy Formula, and Karadium.

Here are some info and description about the brands:



Clematis brand info.jpg
(Screengrab and edited for clarity) Credit: Clematis


Clematis brand info (Beutiq.Co)
(Screengrab from Beutiq.Co) Credit: Beutiq.Co





Sexy Formula brand info
Credit: Sexy Formula
Sexy Formula brand info (Beutiq.Co)
(Screengrab from Beutiq.Co) Credit: Beutiq.Co





Karadium brand info
(Unfortunately, they do not have a Global website in English) Credit: Karadium
Karadium brand info (Beutiq.Co)
(Screengrab from Beutiq.Co) Credit: Beutiq.Co


I know you guys are excited to see more of the individual products from the brands, and perhaps know a little bit more about it?

I will be posting a more detailed blog entry for each brand, complete with swatches, descriptions, and others.

In the meantime, do visit the individual brand’s product page on Beutiq.Co with direct url links below:

  • For Beutiq.Co landing page, click here.
  • For Clematis product page, click here.
  • For Sexy Formula product page, click here.
  • For Karadium product page, click here.

Or even better, make a trip to the Watsons stores in Johor Bahru and give the products a try. If not, you can also order it from their website too. Sweet.

Alright, until the individual, detailed brand blog posts are up, take care!


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