Review: Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ SPF50+ PA+++

It was just about 3 weeks ago that I started the Phase 2 of my cushion test-drive. If you have just started reading my blog, let me share with you a little more about this phase 1 and 2. The phases came about after my bountiful trip to Seoul back in February. I had just purchased plenty of cushion foundations and I wanted to hear from my Instagram friends & followers to see which are the cushions they would like to see me review on my blog first. From there, with the results, I came up with the list of cushion foundations I would be testing in phases.

If you have missed it, let me do a quick recap of what I’ve tested in the 3 weeks of Phase 1 (you can click on the product names to read the review proper for each cushion :

  1. Week 1: Belif Moisture Cushion SPF50+ PA+++
  2. Week 2: Skinfood Royal Honey Cover Bounce Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (Snoopy limited edition)
  3. Week 3: Seatree Easy Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

Yup, the above are the few cushions I have already tested and posted my reviews. Today, I will be talking about the Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ SPF50+ PA+++, the first cushion of Phase 2.

Read on to find out all about it!

First, a little info-visual from the brand:

Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ (Info Kr)
Credit: Tonymoly Korea website

Lucky for me, Tonymoly Korea has already translated their info-visual into English for the benefit of everyone:

Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ (Info Eng)
Credit: Tonymoly Korea website (English)

According to the brand, Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ SPF50+ PA+++ is/has:

  • 3 functional efficacies: Whitening, wrinkles improving and UV protection
  • Revolutionary concept of combining the natural coverage of a BB cream, color correction and moisture of a CC cream, and the durability and strong adherence of a traditional liquid foundation
  • Offers deep hydration while imparting a glow
  • Lasting coverage without darkening from oxidation
  • Special Hybrid Dual Coverage System allows excellent coverage with just a sheer layer on the skin, covering noticeable flaws and blemishes evenly and naturally
  • A four-layer air puff is designed to pick up just the right amount of BB liquid without excess and waste
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Test completed for: lasting power of 24hrs
  • Test completed for: moisturization of 24hrs

Below is my experience with the Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ :

Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 01Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 02.jpgTonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 03.jpgTonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 04.jpgTonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 05.jpgTonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 06Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 07.jpg

Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 08

Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 09

Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 10.jpg

Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 11.jpg

(Here’s a writing in eyeliner pencil and powdered eye shadow)
(You will notice that both coverage and glow are present actually)
(Here is a simple swatch of the cushion on my inner forearm)
Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ (Rating)
(A little rating scale for the well-received BCDation cushion+)
Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ 15
(I really like this cushion for its shade and coverage. There is just a slight glow to my complexion too)

Roaring view for [Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ SPF50+ PA+++]:

Product’s packaging : Round, black compact container with a reflective surface
Product’s texture : Smooth, lightweight BB liquid
Product’s scent : Light, sweet, honey-ish scent
Price point : 19,800₩
Purchased it from the brand’s Hongdae outlet when I visited Seoul back in October last year.

For the complete list of Tonymoly outlets, click on the link here.

Try-out period : Daily, for 6 days
Personal take : I will tell you this – the brand’s very first BCDation product was really a huge hit, both in Korea and Singapore alike. People like it for its long lasting durability and excellent coverage. But the shortfall for that BCDation was that it feels a tad dry to the touch and in a humid climate like Singapore, the foundation became patchy after a certain period of wear. A few months after that, Tonymoly released their second BCDation product, the BCDation All Master SPF30 PA++. Now, the newer BCDation All Master promises a continuous moisturization of 48 hours and 24 hours of coverage and wear. Both of which to help wearers through the cold winter season. And when Spring came, Tonymoly released their third BCDation product, the BCDation Water Pact with SPF50+ PA+++, a creamier compact that promised to bring down the skin surface temperature by 2°C.

Yes, the BCDation is really synonymous with excellent coverage and durability. That, and the many glowing reviews online had me deciding that I needed to give the fourth BCDation product, the BCDation Cushion+, a try. Besides, I LOVE cushions so why not?

The BCDation Cushion+ feels slightly heavier as compared to other cushions I have tried. It is not as heavy as a liquid foundation but it is definitely a little heavier than the standard cushion (BB) foundations. With the promise of 24 hours continuous coverage and wear, you definitely need a very light hand when applying and blending it into the skin. Trust me, you really need to apply the cushion with a good lighting or you’d be looking at streaks after streaks on your face.

Now, as for the moisture, it does feel moist when applied but if your skin is naturally oily, this moisture will ruin your makeup by causing it to be patchy towards the end of the day. For me, this cushion does settle into the fine lines and dry patches on my cheeks towards the 6/7 hour mark, although the shade stayed true and the glow still remained. Impressive if not for the need to keep the skin properly exfoliated and hydrated beforehand.

All in all, I really quite enjoyed this BCDation Cushion+ for the shade (#01 Vanilla Beige), the medium coverage, and the glow. Going forward, I think I will prefer to wear this cushion only to functions and events (because short hours) with the help of a primer. I know I will look good in person and in photographs then.

Will i recommend it? : Yes! Just remember to exfoliate your skin regularly, moisturize it, and ensure there are no obvious dry patches or this cushion WILL sink into those dry lines and patches at the end of the day.

To this, Buddy says:

Catisfaction-o-meter (3x Tonymoly BCDation Cushion+ SPF50+ PA+++)



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